8 Lucrative Online Business Ideas for Women Right Now

Lucrative Online Business Ideas for Women

Starting an online business is easier than ever. A lot of aspiring women are launching their online businesses each day. The information is available, tools are free to cheap, and the where there is a will there is a way. However, starting an online business doesn’t mean that it’s going to succeed.

You can find many online courses about starting an online business. But the problem is that it may be too general, or in a specific field. A field that may not be accessible for everybody.

Many people rush to learn the new trending fields that make money. Some succeed, some don’t. Yes, it is much easier now to start a business. But business is still business. It is easier to make money, but you still need to be competent.

I created this guide to start an online business with certain personalities and skills in mind. This guide is divided into two sections. A section that is accessible for almost everybody, and another one that is kind of advanced.

1- How to Start an Online Business quickly with a low budget?


8 Lucrative Online Business Ideas for Women Right Now - Financial Indepence


Starting an online business can be done in a short amount of time and with a low budget. Your understanding of the chosen online business depends on your mindset and your goals. If you think that everyone one is doing well and you should be there too, in no time, then you’re wrong.

The people you see on Instagram boasting about their fancy things shouldn’t be your source of inspiration. if you are rushing to become rich and join the bouncing movement, then this is not for you.

Still, you can enjoy your journey to success. As long as you keep learning about the kind of business you chose. In addition to commitment and belief. The next online business ideas don’t need much time nor a high budget to start. But as you start, you need to work hard and develop as your business grows bigger.

Starting a blog


8 Lucrative Online Business Ideas for Women Right Now - Starting a blog Women Blogger


Starting a blog can be quite easy. It doesn’t require a high budget. The ways used to monetize a blog differs from a blogger to another. If you are good at writing, you can start a blog with quality in mind. Being good at writing in addition to being passionate about a niche, makes great basics for a successful blog.

Let’s say you are into books. You read a lot of books. Every week you read a book for instance. This way, your blog can be centered about books. You can write book reviews, the books you’ve read and the books you are reading every week.

Now here is how you can turn your blog into an online business:


place ads on your blog. You get a certain percentage for views and clicks. The amount of money you make from ads will increase as your blog grows bigger. The most important source of traffic will be google or search engines in general. So take care of your blog’s SEO from the beginning.

Affiliate Marketing

While this is in itself an online business, it is a great way to monetize your blog. You become the intermediate between the seller and the buyer. Many companies offer affiliate programs. The idea is to put a link to a service or a product of these companies on your blog. Once someone clicks on that link and buys the product or the service, you get a certain commission. (more about this later)

Selling Your Products

You don’t need to have real products to sell on your blog. If you have some good knowledge about a certain field, you can create a digital product about it. Just make sure it is something valuable. Don’t be someone who rides the tide of selling a digital product. Sell something that will add a certain value to the buyers who will probably be your readers.

Well, if you have real products, you can promote them too. But it will be in a slightly different way.

Paid services

Offering good free content on your site can make you a credible person. You can show how good you are at what you are doing through your blog. Let’s say you are good at writing blog posts. And that does show in your blog. You can offer paid services for writing content for others. Same thing can be done for designers, photographers, web developers…

Maintaining a good blog with quality content can be a great asset. A lot of bloggers have succeeded in turning their blogs into online businesses. You can do it too. Just don’t think it is an overnight success business. As I said, if you do it right, you’ll enjoy the ride and harvest the success.

Thus, try taking this experience seriously at least for three months. You’ll learn a lot of things about blogging and many other fields. Now let’s see how you can use your selling skills online if you’re not really into blogging.



8 Lucrative Online Business Ideas for Women Right Now - E-Commerce sell online store


E-commerce is buying and selling products online. In every process of buying and selling there is a buyer and seller. But the business model of E-commerce can include a third person too. I’ll split this business model into 3 sections:

Creating Your Own Store

You can create an online store where you sell goods. Let’s say you created some kind of a product. You may be into fashion and have found a way to design and produce a custom designed shirt. You can sell it online via your own store. Yes, there are many other things you need to do like branding and marketing, but that’s the idea of selling your products on an online store.

Selling on E-commerce Platforms

You don’t need to create your own store from the very beginning. You can test the waters first by selling your product on an E-commerce platform. eBay is a great way to start.

And while you can sell on Amazon too, the latter needs a higher budget. eBay is a great option since it requires almost no money at the beginning. Even later on, the fees are low.


This is the part where you become the third person. Dropshipping is selling something you don’t have. The idea is:

  • Look for products to sell.
  • Post photos of the products, description, title…in an online store or an E-commerce platform.
  • When someone buys from you, you go and buy the product from the source with the address of the individual who bought from your store or your entry in the E-commerce platform.

This business model includes other elements like creating the store. The latter needs to be promoted. So you will focus your efforts on marketing too. Marketing may need a budget in the case of a store. Facebook Ads and Instagram influencers are two of the most popular means of marketing in this field. But you can promote your products the way you like.

eBay is a good option to start drop shipping too. It doesn’t require a high budget. Whether to create the store or promoting your products. Because it has its own search engine. All you need to do is optimize your entries with good SEO.

When it comes to creating an online store, there are good options like WooCommerce for WordPress and Shopify.

While this business model is efficient and lucrative, you shouldn’t be fooled. It is not easy. You will need to understand the behaviors of the buyers when it comes to buying. Besides, selling something you don’t have is not as easy as it sounds. Remember, you are selling to real human beings.

Starting a Youtube Channel


8 Lucrative Online Business Ideas for Women Right Now - Youtube Channel Blogging


Youtube has become a great source of creative content. Youtubers create audiovisual content in different topics. And a lot of them are full-time Youtubers. This online business allows content creators to make a good amount of money out of their videos.

Starting a Youtube Channel doesn’t require much money. In fact, you can start your youtube channel for free. Your smartphone camera can be your way to shoot videos. Nowadays, smartphone cameras produce good quality videos. So with a smartphone camera, you’ve already covered the basics.

But you still need to take care of other areas. First, you need to choose a niche. What are you going to talk about in your videos. Your best bet is something you like. Something you are passionate about. There is no way I can limit this to a certain number of categories, but here are some examples:

  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • Books
  • Series/Movies
  • Tech
  • How To’s
  • DIY
  • Marketing
  • Social Media

As I said, the best thing you can talk about in videos is something you’re passionate about.

When it comes to the way you can make money out of your youtube channel, it is similar to blogging:


You can put Adsense ads on your Youtube videos. You may have noticed that other YouTubers implement ads in their videos in addition to other forms of ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Same thing as blogs. You can promote products and get a commission when someone buys the product. For example, you can talk about a toothbrush in a video and do a review about it. Then, in your description box, you post the link of the toothbrush. The link is an Amazon affiliate link that allows you to get a commission when someone buys something through your link.


This is a popular process on social media as well. When your channel gets a good fan base or subscribers, you become an influencer. There are X numbers of people who watch your videos. So, companies can rely on your videos to promote their products.

Most of the time, you get to talk about a product in exchange for a certain amount of money. You get paid by the advertiser. Plus, you may keep the product too. Well, sometimes you can keep it, sometimes you can’t. depending on the deal you have with the advertiser.

However, bear in mind that it takes a lot of time and effort to grow a youtube channel. You have to be passionate and serious about what you’re doing.

Affiliate Marketing


8 Lucrative Online Business Affiliate Marketing


This is one of the easiest ways to make money. It is the same thing as posting links of products and services in your blog as I mentioned earlier. However, it is broader than that.

The idea of affiliate marketing is promoting products and services in exchange for a commission. Whether you are promoting it via a blog, a funnel, a youtube video, an Instagram post…does not matter.

However, you know that you can’t promote any product or service. You need an affiliate program that would pay you in exchange for your efforts. That’s why you need to find an affiliate program. This affiliate program provides you with a unique link or code that allows tracking your sales.

There are many affiliate programs out there. Amazon, for instance, is a popular one. It is kind of different compared to other programs. Because it doesn’t limit your sale to the product that you promote only, but you would get a commision even if the visitor doesn’t buy the product you promote but buys another product.

On the other hand, other programs give you a commission based on the product or the service you promote. And that is normal considering the nature and size of Amazon.


Also, commissions differ from one program to another. And this is where it gets a little bit tricky. Try to promote products or services that will make you a commission but at the same time won’t harm your readers. i.e. offer a quality product or service.

Offering a service as hosting for a beginner blogger based on how much you’ll get regardless of the quality may kill the blogger’s ambition. For someone who is already afraid of all the technical stuff to be stuck with a bad hosting company is awful. Shame on you! A little bit of integrity while making money won’t harm.

Social Media Manager/influencer


Online Business Social Media Influencer


No one can deny the great influence of social media. People and businesses alike are going crazy about growing their social media accounts. And that’s where a good social media manager shines.

Since creating great content on social media isn’t enough, there is a demand for services like this. You can offer your services as a social media manager if you are familiar with good ways to help reach more users and get more likes and followers.

It may seem a little bit ambiguous in the beginning, but you can still work it out. First, Focus on creating a successful Instagram account for instance. Work on growing it with good content and other practices that require work. As soon as you make one account successful, it is going to be easier to grow another account on the same platform or a different one.

Having a successful account allows you to become an influencer. And by a successful Instagram, I mean having a lot of followers and good engagement. At this point, you will be able to charge a certain amount of money for promoting a product or a service. here are some examples depending on your niche:

  • Fitness: posting a picture of you wearing fitness clothes or shoes for a brand that paid you to promote their products.
  • Fashion: post a picture of you wearing a new shirt or pants from a brand.
  • Makeup: posting a picture of a makeup product or you wearing that makeup.
  • Promoting products that have nothing to do with your niche too.

You can get offers for general products. It is always up to you to accept which products you would like to promote. Anyways, you get to receive the payment upfront.

So, if you happen to have an Instagram account with a lot of followers, make use of it.

2- Starting an online business that needs learning


Online Business learning coding


The difference between the last online business examples and the next ones is that these ones need more time to be learned. The aforementioned online business ideas do need some learning, but not as these ones. Because the next examples may take a few months of learning and a lot of practice to get hold of them.

The idea here is to learn how to create a product that sells over and over again. In addition to offering your services in a field that has a high demand. These are ideas of online businesses that take some time to be learned.

App Developer


Online Business Idea App developer


As you think that apps’ ideas are drained, a new app with a new idea emerges. Well, it’s not necessary to come up with new ideas, but that shows that you have still got time to learn and develop your app. Although it has an idea that is offered by other apps.as another app.

This is an example of why developing apps is still a great online business. There are platforms that offer integration with apps designed for them. Shopify for instance, the platform that we’ve mentioned earlier for creating an online store, has its own app store. And let me tell you, it has a lot of apps. Most of these apps come with a subscription plan like 7.99$ monthly. With other apps having a monthly subscription fee that surpasses 99$. You do the math.

Thus, this is a great opportunity if you are serious about creating a lucrative online business and you don’t mind spending a few months in learning programming languages like Ruby on Rails.

The same thing could be said about mobile apps. It may take some time to learn the programming languages, but then you have a great opportunity to grow a successful online business. You need to be smart about choosing the idea of the app. With a good execution of the programming process.

Also, you can offer your business as an app developer. You can build your own blog or website to showcase your work and offer your services as an app developer. You develop apps for a price.

Website Developer


Online Business Ideas Web Developer


Same as developing apps, you can develop themes for websites. You can create WordPress themes for instance. The themes can be put for sale in a theme marketplace like Themeforest. The great thing here is that the theme can be bought over and over again.

Let’s say that you ask for 59.99$ for the theme. Abby will buy it. Jennifer too. There goes, Anna. And Emma as well. That’s 240$ for selling the same product that can be sold over and over again. Of course, you have to keep on updating it from time to time with features and stuff. But this business model is really great. The same thing as apps. Now you probably know that the time you spend learning is worth it.

Graphic Designer


Online Business Graphic Designer Colour Pallete Designer


A graphic designer is an artist that creates the designs of many elements around the web. As a graphic designer, you can design poster, flyers, infographics, social media content and everything that has something to do with visuals.

You know how many many vital fields rely on visual designs. It is quite hard to find a team that works in a web company without a designer. That’s is why it is great to be a designer now and in the future.

You can use your skills as a designer to design your own products. You may have probably noticed the marketing campaigns of t-shirts on Facebook and Instagram. People like to buy clothes with unique designs. And if you are talented enough, you can really find success in this area and other similar areas.

Mix it up

By now, you have probably realized that you can mix more than two online business ideas together. You can have a blog for instance and use affiliate marketing to promote products. Also, you can create your own store and promote your products on your blog. In addition to creating a youtube channel too as part of the blog.

Still, you may want to start slow. Take a few days to do some research on the online business idea that you choose. And see if it suits the niche or the topics you want to cover.

Lucrative Online Business Ideas for Women

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