Blogging Results Take Time – The Queen & The Clown

Blogging Results don't come instantly blogging for success takes time

Failing to make money or get any blogging results can be a bad sign for some bloggers. Especially those who are used to get paid instantly; for an accomplished task or on a timely basis. So, spending some time without any real money in return can be poisonous for them.

Personally, I would be surprised if I ever made a dime in my first month while trying to build something. You know the adage attesting: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And as far as I know, Rome witnessed a golden age. And it seems that Gold is actually linked to time.

This is probably the right time to bless you with a quote about how good things take time, but let’s first address how some bloggers fail to see the golden potential of blogging in the long run. However, let me just clarify that you can start making money from the very first month of blogging, but that’s not what I’m really aiming for.

The Queen & The Clown

The way Queens & Clowns live their lives is quite different. The former gets to the throne and rules while trying to improve and thrive. Whereas the latter tries to get lucky while entertaining here and there. Nothing lasts forever but it’s you who make your destiny.

Queens can step down anytime they want and put someone else on the throne. Because it’s not easy to rule. It may seem like a blessing to be born as a queen for some, but for me, it’s definitely not. It is up to the queen to lead her country and people to safety. This can be a daunting mission in a time of peace, and war.

On the other hand, our friend the clown is sober now and can perform tonight. A lot of people envy him for his carelessness and easiness. But why wouldn’t he be like that! He’s probably going to make money for his performance. Regardless of his personality, money will keep coming, but he’ll always have to perform to keep it coming.

Long story short, not every clown can be a queen. if you are aspiring to be your own boss and have a passive source of income, you’ll have to work for it. Otherwise, you can always find queens to serve.

The Middle Ages give me the chills. Let’s move on!

Enjoy the Ride

People who delve into blogging primarily to make money get easily overwhelmed. You have all the right to dream about making a big number by blogging. However, unless you are enjoying it, you will find it hard to keep it up. And by enjoying it, I don’t mean enjoying adding 2000 or 3000-word posts.

It took me a month to finally feel like my blog is ready for showtime. One month could be a long time to launch but it was totally worth it. I had a plan for my blog since the beginning. But if I had to compare how this plan has evolved, I would say that it is like the first plan on steroids.

And I’m sure that I’m going to learn more things as I keep on going. Except for the fact that after a while, I will be learning while making money simultaneously. When I say learning, I mean getting to know new things. No matter how knowledgeable you think you are, there is always something new you can learn.

Being a blogger is not easy. The amount of things you could learn while trying to grow your blog is insane. You’ll find yourself learning about color palettes to make your design look decent, learn more about the human behavior to improve your marketing skills, and even try to mess up with coding and learn a thing or two about that.

That’s where you may find yourself enjoying learning new things every now and then. The competition will make it more sugary. And there is always more things to do.

Blogging Results

Harvesting your blogging results is not instant. However, you get to earn a certain amount of income and work to increase it. The process of working on doubling your income is awesome. And succeeding in doubling and tripling it makes it even better.

The most important part is to never get enough. To keep on creating content and find new income sources. Because one of the advantages of blogging is the fact that it offers a lot of opportunities. There are different means of making money online. You can get your blogging results in a very diverse plate.

Bloggers get to earn an income from different places. You may start small. Then you will grow. The same way the rich and the accomplished people gathered their fortune. Because unless you win the lottery, you will need time and work to jump from a certain figure to a higher one.

To Sum up

Try to treat blogging as a real business. A business that you will need to build with plans and strategies. You will work hard for hours a day with no blogging results when you go to sleep. However, think of it as building a house. Your first night inside the house will be glorious.

Blogging Results - Good Things Take Time, As They Should

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