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Blogging for Success

As we come closer to rip another year’s paper off the calendar, a lot of women find it hard to succeed in blogging. Although succeed here doesn’t mean necessarily how much followers they have or their blogs’ page views.

The problem with blogging for a lot of women is that it seems so easy they begin and get hold of its basics and keep it that way. There is no development whatsoever. Somehow, It is like the rabbit and the turtle story. Except for the fact that there is no turtle. Just a blogger who is confident that writing a title and an article is enough.

Well, we need to add some very important spices. That is how we can get that mesmerizing mixture of flavors. Which can be tasted when really succeeding in creating a great blog. One that helps the blogger accomplish his goals. If he has set any. What I’m trying to say is that any blogger needs to spend more time and effort to maximize her blog’s potential.

This is your guide for creating a blog that is well managed from different aspects.

Starting a blog includes things like getting yourself a hosting plan, a domain name, a logo, a theme…But that is not what I really want to tackle here. I’ll go through these elements but I’ll focus first on blogging in general and advanced blogging.

There are many important aspects of blogging. These aspects have a direct effect on the success of the blog. We’ll highlight the importance of these elements from a female blogger point of view.



For me, this is the most important aspect of blogging that bloggers don’t really pay enough attention to. Having a blog that is optimized properly to show in search engines, affects search results in a massive way.

It is obvious that google drives a tremendous amount of traffic to websites in general. Any blogger who blogs with SEO in mind harvests the results in a couple of months. That’s why Search Engine Optimization is a great way to put your blog in front of your targeted audience.

A lot of bloggers rush to paid methods to promote their blogs. And that is a shortcut to drive traffic quickly but temporarily. It is not as efficient as search engine driven traffic. Optimising your blog for search engines is free and drives traffic in a permanent way. What’s better is that new people will get to know your blog through these results


Your blog will keep on showing up on search engines as long as you don’t ignore SEO. In fact, your rankings will improve with time and your posts may rank higher in search results. And as it ranks higher, you will get closer to success. Depending on the purpose of your blog.

Let’s say you are your own boss. You offer some kind of a service like consulting. And you are great at it. I’m someone who needs a consultation and I’m looking for consulting services in google. If you happen to have a blog that is successful and ranks good in search results then I’ll easily find you. If you are good enough, I’ll order one of your services. And from then on, I may tell my friends about you. There you go, the ball is rolling.

But in order to rank higher in search results, you need to offer a good content. Which brings us to the next point.


Blogging for readers

A lot of women follow a certain business model of blogging. If you search right now for tips on how to monetize a blog, you’ll find a common element: Sell an ebook. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is one thing that isn’t done right. And you can’t buy that with money. It’s priceless.

Why would someone buy something from you? why you exactly and not your competitor or anyone else? Well, they would buy it depending on who you are and how they know you. If your blog is the medium that you communicate with them, then let’s take a look at your blog.

Writing a couple of posts to ‘decorate’ the blog in order to look authentic enough is wrong. The competition is fierce. The information is everywhere. You need to stand out. In order to do that, you have to offer quality posts filled with valuable information. Which would be useful for your reader depending on your niche.

Don’t hesitate to share valuable information on your blog. Your posts and the value your offer to your readers will give you some kind of credibility. You will be a well-trusted source of information. That’s the most valuable thing you can get from your blog. To be seen by a potential customer as a credible person. You can’t get this even if you pay money for it. It’s really priceless. No facebook Ads nor Google Adwords will give you that.

So try to take blogging seriously. This is not just another way to bring visitors and drive them to some landing page to buy your product. Personally, unless you give me something useful and valuable beforehand, there is no reason that would make me buy anything you offer.

Blogging for Blogging

Blogging for Blogging

Continuing with the quality of the blogging experience. This is one of the most common things that happens to bloggers. To blog just for the sake of blogging. Perhaps the term ‘Blogger’ sounds cool. Everyone wants to be a blogger. Well, unless you have a clear vision of your goals, you won’t make it.

Many bloggers stop after posting a few posts. I’m sure you’ve visited some blogs through search engines or social media, only to find no recent content. It’s been weeks or months since the blog got updated with new content. And it’s not a matter of being busy.

A lot of bloggers think that they would get immediate results. They would write a couple of posts and visitors will start pouring from everywhere. Especially when writing some very good content. But that’s not the case here.

As I mentioned earlier in the SEO section, it takes time to rank high on search engines. There are already many other blogs and websites that talked about what you are talking about now. It will take some time to win over search engines trust and get a decent traffic. You’ll even have to compete with the others. Which can be done through SEO.

Have a little patience

Thus, what you need to do is to be patient for the first couple of months. You can do it if you are passionate enough about what you’re blogging about in your blog. And you will surely do it if you have the right mindset for success.

So don’t get ahead of yourself in the beginning. Start slowly. Post 3 times a week. If you find it manageable and you think you can post more frequently, do it. Just make sure you focus on quality too. Don’t just begin writing with the Publish button in mind.

In your blog’s early days, you can rely on marketing in social media to drive traffic to your blog.


Online Marketing

It goes without saying that social media can be a great ally to any blogger. You can get discovered by your potential customers or interested readers through social media.

You may prefer one social media platform over the other. But you may have to use the ones that make you reach your targeted audience. For me, I’m not a fan of facebook. It is the worst when it comes to promoting websites and blogs. It always tries to make you pay for the ads. I prefer Twitter and Instagram.

When it comes to managing your social media accounts, there are tools that help you do that. The most important thing is the content you share and how you engage on these platforms.

Pro Tip: Focus on one social media platform in the beginning. Build a good base of followers and then use it to build your followers’ base on another platform.

Hiring & Guest Posting

Hiring writers for blogging

It is hard to find someone who would do the job for you the same way you would do it. Especially in the case of blogging. So, hiring a writer from Fiverr or another website, wouldn’t add the same value to your blog.

Many bloggers rush to hire other writers to help them write content on their blogs. The problem is that even when paying for such services, you may not get the desired results. This kind of services may offer some good posts on the surface. However, the value of the service is not that good.

A lot of bloggers fall for a trend of posts. Write a number of tips on a title, some headlines, a few pictures, and you are set to publish. It is more like on the entertaining side of content. But you can still hire someone to help you write good content for your blog. Here are some tips:

  • You do the research about posts’ ideas.
  • Choose the keywords that you want each post to cover.
  • Request a certain length of the post.
  • Ask for SEO techniques he or she would employ. (Better ask this before hiring)
  • Demand the right to ask for revisions and corrections before any agreement.

Planning & Researching

Planning & Researching


You may definitely sit down and write blog posts that are great. But you will do yourself a huge favor if you do some planning and researching first. You should plan a certain flow of posts concerning certain elements.

Any serious blogger needs to have a clear vision about the content she wants to publish on her blog. You can write different posts in different categories if your blog focuses on more than one. For example, I write about blogging, mindset, online businesses…I may write one blog post about blogging and have many other posts’ ideas about blogging ready. But I prefer to try and balance between the three categories. That may be a good practice. Especially in the early life of a blog.

You can plan your posting routine the way you want. Just try to have a certain planning concerning what you are going to post for like the next month or so. That helps you stay consistent.

The research will help you gather more information about your niche. You’ll never run out of ideas. Besides, you can always rely on researching to make your posts even better. Yes, you may have a clear idea about a certain topic, but you can polish it more with research.

Research can be considered as your sidekick. It will help you improve your posts and be more confident of what you write.

Pro Tip: try to like and bookmark relevant content like pictures, quotes, links…that you stumble upon -RIP- on social media. Twitter and Instagram are a great source of inspiration. You can get back to your liked tweets or bookmarked content later and check it out when you are brainstorming or looking for new posts’ ideas.

Confident Writing

Confident writing while blogging

While writing some of your best posts, you may be in doubt. You may think to yourself: “somebody has already talked about this” or “is it okay to say that?” which is quite normal. But that should happen to you internally and not show up on your writing. You have plenty of time to blow every doubt out of the blue.

First, you got to know that you are not inferior to anyone. Writing your first blog posts or being new to this whole thing doesn’t make you less than anybody. You may be much better than the most successful bloggers when it comes to intellectuality. Just don’t let the technical stuff get in your way and make you feel out of place.

It’s fine! As I said, write your posts with the ideas you have in mind. And when you feel like something is wrong with an idea or a word, Say hello to uncle google. He won’t let you down. So, make sure you have faith in yourself and in what you write. And please, if you think you have something to say or show, but you kind of afraid of blogging, just do it. You won’t regret it.

Now let me bless you with a quote, Quote Time:

If you are always trying to be normalyou will never know how amazing you can be.

Maya Angelou

So yeah, just be confident in what you write. Whatever the others have written before, you can write your own version.Blogging for Success - Essential practices to succeed as a blogger in a competitive realm

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