10 choices you will regret in 10 years

Regret may come in different shapes and forms. However, its impact becomes heavier as time goes on.

Our choices in life define the shape and the form of our regrets. Once regret and time form an alliance, they become hard to beat.

That’s why, it may be wise to pay attention to the people you surround yourself with, your habits, and your decisions in life.

Sticking around toxic people

Keeping company of a toxic person is one of the most dangerous things you can do. People have lost their lives, went to prison, and suffered because of their toxic friends of siblings.

As you are reading this right now, you may not know that you’re already spending a lot of time with a toxic person.

Removing toxic people from your life is a must if you want to do something with your life. Usually, it is just a matter of time before their poison reach your vital energy sources.

Sticking around toxic people because you are a humble person is not something you should think about. You are not helping that person in the first place.

These people will be a solid rock in your way of development and success. You need to let go of toxic people for your sake and theirs.

If you still not sure about what a toxic person is, here are some signs of toxic people that you need bear in mind:

  • They always deplete your positive energy.
  • They are always right and you need to approve what they say.
  • Their jealousy suffocates you.
  • They don’t take no for an answer.
  • Their praise is wrapped with negativity.
  • They have nothing to do with anything bad that happens to them. They are always the victim. Victimization FTW.

This is not it. There are many other signs that you may not see now. However, you will regret every minute you spent with this kind of people.

But that’s once you realize later on how toxic they were and how they affected your life in the worst way possible.

If you happen to think about someone like this, cut ties ASAP!

“Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher.”

Oprah Winfrey

Wearing a mask to satisfy others

Going out of your way to satisfy someone else is a huge mistake. There is no way we can talk about this without bringing up relationships.

Please understand that the fact that you care and love someone is great. However, you don’t have to do things their way.

You will be taken for granted once you lose your presence as an independent person with principles and ideas.

Hold your ground, express yourself, and be you. Nothing will make you as happy as being who you are. You will never be satisfied with trying to satisfy others.

Your feelings may deceive you now. Try to remember a similar case that happened to you before and reconsider that lesson to learn not to change your skin to satisfy anybody else.

Getting back to your past experience may save your future. Sometimes, learning the hard way is good, but time is precious!

Giving up when you get stressed up

A lot of people cannot stand stress. To many, stress is like a phantom that puts an end to energy at once. However, the danger of stress is not that obvious.

Giving up on your dreams and quitting something you love at once is one of the aspects of stress.

Many people have given up on their dreams as soon as they got stressed up. This is why it is so dangerous to ignore stress.

The main problem here is not recognizing stress. you may wonder what is stress symptoms, these are a few:

  • Surrounding to frustration and being moody most of the time.
  • Feeling lost and trying to find a way to get yourself together.
  • Experiencing a hard time when trying to relax.
  • Feeling unachievable with low self-esteem.
  • Having no desire and less energy to do anything.
  • Insomnia.
  • headaches and upset stomachache.

and more…

Once you recognize your problem with stress you can take action to begin your stress relief. Here are some tips:

  • Adopt a positive morning routine.
  • Be more active (start by incorporating a morning walk or jog or go to the gym)
  • Eat healthy (Start slow by removing junk food little by little and focus on a balanced diet)
  • Discover new positive habits like journaling and cold showers.
  • Spend time with your beloved ones.

If you feel like you’ve already suffered from a certain loss in life because of stress, re-evaluate your decisions. It’s never too late.

Settling for less

Settling for less in any field of life is a huge mistake you may dearly regret in the future.

Settling for less in a relationship can be one of the long term regret you may have to face in the future.

There are many quotes on settling for less which would strongly advise you not to settle for less.

And that is what you should do either in a relationship or any other field in life. Spend more time working towards your goals and never settle for less.

You shape your future now. It takes time and effort but that’s what all the good things need.

Procrastinating like there is no today

The concept of procrastinating can be quite obvious. There is no today nor now in this concept’s dictionary. Tomorrow and later are the main players.

There is definitely a now and a today in our time, but procrastination makes it hard to see that.

The funny thing is that this tomorrow that we rely on will shock us one day. When we realize that we wasted so much time.

The problem here is that we can’t see it now or today. Most of the time, we discover it after we waste a fat chunk of our precious time.

Thus, one of the things that you will regret for sure is the time you wasted procrastinating.

If you know that you are a procrastinator, begin your journey of change now. There is no bright tomorrow for you.

Tomorrow will always be a nightmare for you. Accept your responsibilities and acknowledge the fact that you have to put on the work.

Start NOW.


It may be hard to distinguish the difference between loving yourself and being selfish. There is a famous quote that contradicts with selfishness.

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

This will probably lead us to selfishness in a relationship or selfishness in marriage. Because selfishness of man and women manifests in these cases.

Being in an environment that needs sacrifice, patience, and sharing with another person may not be the right space for a selfish person.

It is hard to suggest something that would contradict with not settling for less.

Thus, overcoming selfishness for someone has to be worth it. Depending on what your emotional intelligence tells you.

If you feel like asking is selfishness a sin? there may not be an adequate or a universal answer for that.

But usually, if you think you are a selfish person who has it all, there is a chance you may regret it later in certain cases.

Still, it is hard to determine how good or bad is selfishness for you. It is a matter of time and circumstances.

Trying to not be selfish may drag you to failure and you may regret being kind and generous. On the other hand, you may regret being selfish during a certain period of your life.

Just be careful with your behavior towards your beloved ones and those who are willing to be there for you when you need them.

Laziness and daydreaming

It is hard to accept spending time doing nothing. And by nothing I mean accomplishing nothing.

There is a huge difference between thinking about something, deciding to do it, and take action and actually do it.

Some ideas that may look very impressive may make you feel accomplished already. However, an idea without action is just an idea.

“Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

It may not take a decade to regret not starting the execution of your idea. A few months or years can make you regret the wasted time.

A time you could have accomplished something great if you could only put in the work instead of procrastinating and daydreaming.

The regret will be greater if you didn’t do anything during that wasted time.

So, try to take baby steps towards your goals. You must take action. Daydreams may make you feel good, but they are nothing but illusions with no execution.

Letting others shape your dreams

There may be hundreds of quotes for following your dreams. everyone will encourage you to make your dreams come true.

This is an essential motif in life for everyone. Thus, you must discover your dreams and what you want to achieve in your life.

You may wonder how to achieve your dreams and goals in a time of hardship, and that is totally fine.

However, you must not let anybody shape your dreams. Don’t settle for less. Work hard on your dreams and don’t quit.

The process of dealing with obstacles and hardships is much easier than dealing with regret later on.

Believe in yourself and turn your dreams into reality with hard work and patience.

Avoiding change and development

No matter how good you are or how satisfied you are with yourself, winds of change will blow sooner or later.

Be like the ship that uses the wind for its favor. Do not avoid change. Change is an essential part of life. Embrace it.

Be ready to life updates. The knowledge you have can be increased and your skills can be developed even more.

Change can play a crucial role in your development. Being humble and accepting the fact that you can learn more and do more throughout your life is so important.

Always believe that you haven’t arrived yet to the best version of yourself. Accept change and use it as an asset to achieve your goals.

Doing everything yourself

This may be an advanced step in management but it’s worth mentioning. Tasks delegation is essential for the success of many individuals and organizations.

Trying to do every single task yourself is not the best practice when it comes to getting things done.

To accomplish a certain task the right way, you may need a lot of time, focus, and effort. This will make multitasking time consuming.

Many people end up getting burned because of this. Also, the quality of the work that is done is not on par with what they aspire to.

Give yourself a space to accomplish things right, have more time for other important things in life, and stop worrying about doing everything yourself.

Trying to make everything yourself in the most perfect way will delay your progress and affect other aspects of your life.

Learn to delegate tasks and use the benefits to your favor.