8 Unique Sources of Inspiration for Blog Post Ideas


Coming up with a blog post idea can be tough sometimes. A lot of bloggers have different sources of inspiration depending on each one’s character.

The role of a source of inspiration can’t be limited to finding blog posts’ ideas only. It can be helpful throughout the process of coming up with an idea, writing the post and publishing it. Also, most of these sources can be used in creating content for social media.

You don’t need to focus entirely on a source of inspiration that has something to do with your niche. On the contrary, you can always come up with great post ideas from anywhere. Even so, you are required to polish it to be suitable for your blog.

Before deciding on writing this blog post, I did my research as usual. I found topics about custom blog posts’ ideas. But this is different. This is a mechanism of coming up with ideas. Ideas that can be creative and unique. All you need is a mindset for success to believe in yourself and bless those ideas with your virtual ink.

In case you feel like you can’t connect dots when it comes to polish posts’ ideas, you will learn how to do it with practice. Anyways, this is a list of some out of the box sources of inspiration to come up with blog posts’ ideas to keep blogging for success.


Listening to music for inspiration

You may easily distinguish some famous songs’ titles in my posts. I find it quite satisfying to add a music title in my writing; especially in the headings. A word or a phrase from a song can make the perfect headline.

One of the examples is Bob Marley’s song Satisfy my Soul. I used it when I was writing about being open to finding the right guy when aspiring to succeed as a businesswoman. And since love is linked to satisfying our souls, it didn’t take much time for the song to pop up in my head.

Music can be a great source of inspiration, especially when you listen to different genres. As you get to find the right words in many domains. I find rap music to be so expressive in the political sphere for instance.

Songs’ lyrics levels differ from a songwriter to another. Some write in an easy and basic language, while others take the path of complexity and creativity. To an extent where you can use many sentences as legit quotes. And that is another source of inspiration as well.

Quotes for Inspiration

Quote for inspiration

For me, the power of quotes as a source of inspiration is represented in finding sub-ideas for your blog post idea. This is different from looking for a blog post idea.

You can read a few quotes and get a few ideas to base your topic upon it. For example, let’s look for quotes about this topic of inspiration. These are the first two quotes that I’ve set my eyes on:

Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person.

Naveen Jain

Inspiration comes from everywhere: books, art, people on the street. It is an interior process for me.

Colleen Atwood

From these two quotes, I may choose fatherhood and books as two sources of inspiration in my post. The same thing applies to other topics. The research for the quotes has happened instantly while writing this post. And I guess the best website for quotes is brainyquote. It’s usually the first search result that offers the right quotes; to me at least.

I think I’ll use books as a source of inspiration in this post. It is a great source of inspiration after all. However, let me just say that I don’t have something in mind yet. But I think that researching and coming up with ideas for the post is the hardest part.

And now that I’m done with that, The rest is not that hard. Or may I say “The rest is still unwritten.” so you can get a good example of the music section that I’ve talked about. This is a good song for blogging though. Natasha Bedingfield sings: Staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window…You know what? just go listen to the song.

Enough with the songs.

Get on the Train of Thought

Train of Thought

I have a habit of walking back and forth in my room. It is my way to take a rest from sitting in front of my laptop for a while. While at it, I begin thinking. This thinking process takes me from a topic to another.

I find this habit to be so beneficial. I dive deep into topics that concern different aspects of my life. And I use this while writing a blog post too. Once I feel stuck in coming up with the right word or expression, I just stand up and begin the process. Only to end with a solution most of the times. That’s if I don’t end up straying away and thinking about something irrelevant.

Getting into your train of thought is like opening up a door that leads to another door and another door. You can keep on opening up these doors until you end up with the idea you were looking for.

Just make sure you jot it down as soon as it pops up into your head. And don’t say you can remember it whenever you like. Because you’ll forget it the same way you forgot the brilliant idea you had last night in bed.

Also, while squeezing your brain muscle for a certain idea, you may get a different one down the road. And that’s awesome. Make sure you jot it down too.

The train of thought is inspired by the next section: books. I’ve read some of Virginia Woolf’s short stories. One of them is called ‘The Mark on the Wall’ where this stream of consciousness is highlighted. It is a very short one. I suggest you read it.

Books for Inspiration

Books a source of inspiration

Either you read books or not, you can still make them a source of inspiration. For those who read books, you can easily get inspired when visiting the world that a book takes you to.

Usually, readers find themselves making comparisons between many situations when reading a book. As the readers absorb the messages of the writer, they try to understand these ideas by linking them to their own reality.

While reading and analyzing, readers can write the ideas they find interesting. And this can help you come up with ideas to talk about in your blog.

On the other hand, for those who don’t read. They can still get ideas from books without spending time reading them. E-books make it easy to look up words. Also, reading a review or a summary of a book can be enough to shape an idea about it.

That is useful if you are choosing books in order to get an idea about it. Although reading a book is more useful for this purpose. The reading experience and the interaction with the book are what feeds the imagination.

Anyways, you shouldn’t read to get post ideas only. Reading is a great experience. You get to grow up as a person and live a unique experience. And I believe that reading makes it easier to become more creative in writing in general.


Twitter for inspiration

I like Twitter. I find it a great platform to discover content that I enjoy reading and watching. The fact that it supports different types of content is great. I use the ‘like’ feature extensively. I find it very useful.

Whenever I stumble upon a picture, a video, or a tweet that I find interesting, I rush to like it. And when I need to post on social media, I take a look at the content I saved on that menu. As I said, the quality of the content relies on the accounts you follow.

Thus, you have to understand your needs if you want to use Twitter as a source of inspiration. Following accounts that provide the content that you may like is necessary. So, do your homework and do some research.

Also, one of the obvious ways to find good accounts is the retweet feature. Take notice of the retweets that show up in your timeline since users retweet what they like. And that would be relevant to you as long as you follow accounts that you like.

However, make sure to keep your experience spontaneous. It’s much better that way.



Instagram is another source of inspiration. It differs from Twitter. On Instagram, you can find more personalized content. Instagramers focus more on sharing their own pictures. Therefore, you can get a pretty different kind of inspiration.

It may be a great source of inspiration for your daily life. As getting ideas about outfits you can wear for instance. But you can still use it as a source of inspiration for blog posting.

Instagram is considered a great marketing tool for businesses. You can find a lot of tips about a certain topic. And that is another difference between Instagram and Twitter.

The limited number of character on Twitter makes it hard to talk extensively about a topic. Whereas Instagram users can write a long caption about their pictures. And that could be so helpful for marketing purposes.

Answer Your Questions

Answer question as posts ideas

You may not understand how your answers to your questions can be useful for your readers. Well, you belong to the human race too. So, unless you are using drugs, you are thinking the same way as everybody else.

Thus, you may get the same questions as the rest of the people. In fact, you can come up with blog posts either you write for the sober people or the other people. They both use google.

So, when you wonder about something that is related to your niche, write it down. You can make it a broad question or numerous questions. Then you can easily come up with a general idea of the blog post.

After that, you can begin researching the topic since it was a question in the first place. Google can be a great help. After reading a few posts or watching a couple of videos, you may be ready to write your post.


Youtube Vidoes for inspiration

You can’t mention music and books, and ignore videos. Movies and series can be a good source to come up with creative ideas. But youtube videos can be more useful for the purpose of coming up with blog posts’ ideas.

You can find a variety of youtube videos that can easily inspire you to write about a topic. Youtube is a great source of content that is published by people who are as passionate and creative as you are.

Also, you can use youtube videos to practice for polishing ideas for your niche. It is going to be easier if you are a fan of watching videos on youtube. You can try to notice how YouTubers create their content ideas and use the same tactics in your posts.

Youtube’s huge database can provide videos from your niche. So you only have to do some research on some top performing channels on youtube and watch their content casually. You will easily develop a habit of coming up with ideas for your blog posts as time goes on.


Friends or people in general, are a great source of inspiration. Everyone has a story. discussing a topic with others will make you realize many things.

You may end up with a different understanding of the topic or you may change your mind about a false idea you had for a while. The important thing here is that you will probably have new ideas. Ideas that you can polish to use to come up with blog posts’ ideas.

This interaction with others can inspire you to write about their experiences. I love listening to others’ experiences. It is like living many lives. You can avoid a lot of mistakes and be thankful for what you got.

Finally, you can develop your own habits of coming up with blog posts’ ideas. You may have a hobby or a certain ritual that would make it easier for you to focus and access the creative zone. Try some of these too and give yourself some time to adapt.

Unique sources of inspiration for blog post ideas Music

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