Surround yourself with 5 kinds of people

The people who you surround yourself with are one of the factors that decide your success in the short and the long run.

Realising the danger of toxic people and getting yourself out of the dark grimy circle of negativity is your first step in the right path.

When you get to believe in the importance of hanging with good people in a positive environment, you’ll definitely notice the positive impact.

This article will give you ideas about how to surround yourself with positive people and how can they impact your behavior, habits, success, and life in general.


You may think that being around someone who is straightforward is a mess. These people can definitely affect your mood and flip it off.

But these people can give you something that you may not find somewhere else. Nowadays, the world is too sensible.

Yes to kindness and every other beautiful feeling. But, how can you improve yourself if all you get is compliments and affirmations from everyone you know.

Nowadays, we all try to be kind to our friends and family. It is easy to give a compliment and it is hard to get into an argument which you can avoid easily.

However, this makes hard for many of us to wake up. Sometimes, we can have a little bit more confidence in ourselves. To an extant where we can see many obvious things.

Having someone who is straightforward and speaks her mind freely, is a plus. You may get upset at the beginning. But it may take a little bit of time to approve them.

You may have doubts about something. You may try not to think about it and ignore it. And usually, you may be waiting for a push or a moment of truth.

A comment or a straight talk with a friend or a sibling can be that push. This can be a game changer for a lot of us.

This can make you realise a lot of things. Things that you need to deal with now.

Thus, try to accept a frank person. Allow the feedback, think about, and embrace anything that would make you grow up as a person.


Don’t be that person who prefers to be with people who are less accomplished. There is a “myth” about the beautiful girl trying to hang out with a less beautiful friend.

Either that is true -psychologically- or not, it is a good example. Because we can say the same thing about one’s development is a certain field.

Let’s take for example sports. If you always play against a weak player or team, you won’t feel a progress in your performance.

However, when going against a stronger opponent or someone in the same level level, you get to learn many things and get the best out of you.

For me, this is a fact. I experienced this over and over again. When around stronger or more experienced people, I feel more motivated and focused to give it my best.

On the other hand, it is definitely not the same feeling when being around people with less knowledge or capabilities.

That’s why it is essential to be around people who can make you strive for better. To be stronger, to be more knowledgeable, to be sharply focused.

Don’t be afraid of challengers. It is okay to lose to your opponent or rival. You will learn how to sharpen your senses and get more motivated to be better in what you do.

Get out of your comfort zone and aspire to be the best. Once the goal is high the results will be high. Regardless if you touch the bar you raised in the first place or not.

Staying where you are and playing safe all the time won’t get you far in this life.

Hard workers

Having someone who is a hard worker by your side is great. People who work hard are contagious.

You will always find yourself in a position to wonder if you are working hard enough. Either you failed or or fed up with a problem, you will definitely as yourself:

Am I doing enough to solve this problem or achieve this goal? You may then compare yourself with that hard working friend.

What these people do is beyond their abilities. You must be inspired by their efforts. If not, you really have a problem.

A problem that may seem normal to you. To stay where you are and not evolve.

Make sure to learn from these people and try to take them as an example in your life. Their commitment and relentlessness is a source of motivation.

Try to be as firm and determined in giving it all when you face new challenges in life.


This is crucial if you are the kind of person who builds success on dreams and hopes.

Having someone who thinks realistically is really helpful. You need to hear words like “you have to put in the work to get there.”

“Rome wasn’t build in a day.”

You may feel like this kind of people are discouraging you but they usually are right. Besides, accepting criticism from others and working under pressure is crucial in this day and age.

So, be keen to accept this kind of comments. It will be a good indicator of how realistic you are in order to achieve your goals and follow your dreams.

Because a lot of times you may think that you are doing enough. But that may not be the case according to what ‘working hard’ may stand for.

Keeping track of your progress and jotting down your goals may help decide how hard you’re working to achieve something in life.

After all, we don’t want anyone to burn out at work. Especially those who are passionate about their work. The same thing can be said about those who don’t achieve anything for a while

Older generations

Balancing between fellows from older generations and your own generation is great.

Having someone older with more experience and an open heart to share his experience with you is great.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that older people don’t understand new generations. Some things in life just don’t change.

Even if you are in some very new field of work, you may get the right advice from someone who understands nothing about tech for instance.

Getting help and advice from an older sibling, friend, colleague…is very helpful. Based on their experience, their advice may be so valuable.

You may get to see the outcome of a decision you are about to take right in front of your eyes in flesh and bones.

Your habits may be subject to change when you surround yourself with someone older.

Be humble and appreciate older people’s advice. You don’t need to do whatever they say. But at least keep what they say in mind.

Something may click along the way.