Why Task Management is Better for Quality Seekers

Task Management is the way to go for bloggers who to create great high quality content

Everyone is freaking out about time. Nowadays, time is never enough. Time is the official tool of measurement for a lot of people. Its counterpart is task management; productivity-wise.

Taking time as a means of measurement for productivity is understandable. After all, it is something we get accustomed to in daily life. However, it isn’t working for everybody.

In fact, it affects the productivity of a lot of people. You see, people are different. What works for me, would or wouldn’t work for you. And vice versa.

However, a lot of people find it hard to distinguish the right routine or pattern for them. Because when it comes to productivity, one needs to create his own ‘rituals’.

As far as I know, you can choose to stimulate your productivity by focusing on time management or task management. I’m going to talk about time management and task management, and which one I find best for me as a blogger, and why.

Time Management

Productivity Time Management vs Task Management better for bloggers

Trying to be productive by managing time can be a daunting mission. It is not easy to decide how much it will take to get something done. And the estimations can make it hard to accomplish your tasks in the right way.

Let’s take blogging as an example, a lot of bloggers would say something like: I write a 1000 word blog post in an hour. While that is achievable, it doesn’t serve the purpose of being productive.

Writing a blog post is not a scientific fact. It’s not a static thing which you can accomplish in a limited time slot. Because it passes through several stages.

For me, I need to get the blog post idea first. Write down a few sentences that made me excited about writing the post in addition to some headings. After that, I would begin writing.

Once I’m done, it would take me a while to find the right pictures. Then, I would like to stay away from the post as long as possible before editing it. My editing routine includes adding new ideas and correcting or rephrasing sentences.

Thus, if I rely on time management to write my blog post, it would take hours. And that’s the problem with time management.

The Problem with Time Management

My problem with time management is that I, as a blogger, have many tasks to do. And that may be different for other bloggers who either focus on writing blog posts or work as writers and need to get things done.

As I jump from task to task, I find myself getting new ideas to add to the post I’m writing. For example, I would write a paragraph and write the following heading and stop. Then head to Pinterest or Instagram.

Even if I don’t finish a task, the fact that I’ve already started makes it more inviting to resume work on it. Which is not the same with time management.

I find it hard to begin writing or doing anything else if I know that I wouldn’t finish it. Most of the times, I would procrastinate until I have enough time.

And that’s what I find different comparing in task management.

Task Management

Tasks Management

Kicking off the day with a list of tasks in mind makes it easier to do more during the day. I tend to take my time in doing something and try to do it as in the best way possible.

Having a list of tasks you want to accomplish in a day is a good start. I highlight two tasks or three important tasks. I switch between them freely whenever I feel like it.

In case I couldn’t complete the tasks, I would resume working on them the following day. Although ending the day without completing tasks is not the best thing. However, it makes me more productive quality wise.

Also, my daily experience with task management differs. Working on my blog in its early days, I have a long-term plan. For now, I have to do many things that would benefit the blog in the long run.

Thus, it is okay to end the day without accomplishing the tasks as long as I’m making a progress. And that could be different in other situations. So keep that in mind.

Usually, the process of working on my tasks is interspersed with a learning activity. And that is one of the pros of task management in my opinion.


I find myself getting a daily dose of new information. And that is something I can’t accomplish through time management. Since the latter limits my options and makes me focus on the given task. But isn’t that the purpose?

Well, yes that’s the purpose of being productive for a lot of people. For me, it’s not. Because the things that I’ve learned while being drifted away in the web, are PRICELESS.

Stopping what I’m doing and looking for a word or googling a question that popped into my head is my favorite practice on the web. I benefited a LOT from that; personally and professionally.

As a blogger, I discovered websites, blogs, and people that made me think about new business ideas, new ideas to develop my blog and monetize it too.

Also, This experience of producing and learning raises the bar every single time and makes me productive quality and creativity wise.

Creativity & Inspiration

Continuing with my habit to stop working on a task to look up something in google. This habit plays a very important role in the whole experience of blogging.

Although it may not be clear, it does add a lot of knowledge to the blogger, the designer, and the marketer mindset of myself. I find this searching and learning experience so good for creativity and inspiration.

Getting to know how others built their blogs, monetized them, and worked their ways up, offers a great basis for creativity and inspiration. It is one of the sources of inspiration, not only for blog posts but the whole experience.

When it comes to creativity, I don’t think that it is creating something others will see for the first time. You can be creative by adding your own touch to other established forms. You resume an idea from where others have stopped.

Creativity requires input, and that’s what research is. You’re gathering material with which to build.

Gene Luen Yang

Tasks Quality

As someone who aspires to provide high-quality content, I take my time writing. Because it is not just a matter of coming up with a blog post idea and write a post.

Planning the posts of your blog is essential. Writing is a part of the blog. Other parts include marketing and SEO…The latter is a crucial part of the writing process itself. So I need to take it into consideration while writing.

Thus, the post needs to be based on other factors that may take more time. And that’s what doesn’t make it possible to set a timer for a task like writing a blog post. Still, this may be just a personal preference.

So, since my goal is to elevate the quality of my content, I find it favorable to manage my tasks freely than setting a timer. And the time I take researching while doing these tasks is a very well-spent one.

To Sum it up

This routine could be suitable for bloggers who do many tasks on their own. The Swiss knifers. When it comes to freelancing and working on a tight schedule, then managing time comes in handy.

As I said, this is a personal preference. I encourage you to try and come up with your own productivity routine.

Task Management is far better for bloggers who look for productivity

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